Wrong eating habits among the celebrities can mislead their fans

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Looking stunning in every outfit and flaunting that well toned figure is one of the most wanted things the celebrities do. They can go deep pockets with their expenditure on attires, make up or even treatment for that right look. Idol worship is very common among the people. They go crazy in following their alter ego. They follow each and every thing their demi- god does. But ever though how the celebrities themselves cope with such kind of expectations from their fan followers! They have to deal with many difficulties to maintain their image and cope up with the expectations of people. They need to be remembered as idols to many. So they follow everything to retain their look or even go under knife, the unofficial open secret of many celebrities, for enhancement.

Many researchers have carried out experiments about tied eating disorders to severe psychological problems for many years. Now scientists have found a new link in the equation: brain chemistry. People with anorexia and bulimia (binge eating followed by vomiting or over exercising), appear to have deficient amounts of serotonin, a brain chemical associated with moods and emotions, circulating in their brains. The lack of serotonin is also linked to people with depression. In fact, people with eating disorders are generally depressed. About one in 100 adolescent girls suffers from anorexia. The results can be deadly. Roughly 10 percent of anorexics die of medical complications from lack of food and malnutrition.

Eating disorder treatment center placed all across the globe can offer expert guidance and required medical help in getting the patient out of this deadly disease. One of the celebrities has mustered up the courage and has come up in open with her eating disorder in a chat show. She has agreed to have addicted to the food just like how the alcoholic is addicted to alcohol or a drug addict to the substance. The pressure to be wafer thin is a common cause among celebrities, this may be a part of their job, and hence a number of people with addiction and eating disorders have also suffered some sort of trauma, such as childhood abuse or the end of a relationship in their real life.


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Wrong eating habits among the celebrities can mislead their fans

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Wrong eating habits among the celebrities can mislead their fans

This article was published on 2010/10/21