Reasons For Eating Disorders

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You should not consider yourself to have a food addiction if you overeat in occasions such as parties and holidays as it is often expected at these occasions to overeat. We all overeat on these occasions and we all go back to our normal way of eating when the festive periods are over. A lot of sufferers with eating issues do have difficulty with change. Particularly anorexics who typically like things that are orderly, familiar and predictable. Therefore, transitions such as puberty, going into college or high school or major illness/death can totally overwhelm these individuals. This gives them a feeling of loss of control.

The constant social and media pressures may cause your child to start exercising and dieting. Its well documented that within our culture the young men who are slim with an athletic build are seen to be healthy, successful and popular in life. Where as a young boy with puppy fat may feel he has to take some drastic measures to achieve this image as soon as he can. There are other ways to trick your body into forgetting about food. Sometimes a warm drink will leave your stomach full and satisfied. Try drinking low-fat, caffeine-free hot chocolate before bed. Hot herbal teas are another good choice. If you must snack, choose high-fiber foods such as raw fruits or vegetables.

Emotional eaters tend to eat until they are uncomfortably full, and they usually eat alone because they are self-conscious about the amount of food they are consuming. After an emotional eating binge, they might feel disgusted, guilty, or depressed about their lack of self-control. When we eat naturally we are eating regularly when our body needs it, so we don't go through the emotions of being either starving or full. We feel comfortable throughout the day, our energy levels remain high and we are easily satisfied. This is because if we eat when we are starting to get hungry, it is easy to ascertain exactly what we want.

Since anorexia is a mental problem which usually results in distorted thinking, most of these patients need to be treated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They need to be made to understand what constitutes normal behavior and what does not. Since the disease normally occurs in adolescents facing puberty, they need to be given proper information on health issues. If you have either of the two eating disorders, you can be treated in an outpatient basis as long as you do not have other diagnosed health conditions. If your organs are affected by the severe loss of weight, you might need to be hospitalized. Your doctor will treat your malnutrition through intravenous or tube feeding. If there are any electrolyte imbalances due to frequent self-induced vomiting, this will also be addressed.

There are also childhood and past experiences that are involved in the development of anorexia or bulimia. If you are deprived in eating as an infant, this may progress into an eating disorder as you grow old. People especially children who are unable to eat regularly or in adequate amount can also result to either of the two disorders.
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Reasons For Eating Disorders

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This article was published on 2010/10/22