Eating Disorders and Perfectionism

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For many years I existed with the beast of perfectionism. I had no idea that this problem wasn’t an integral part of my persona, but instead a hazardous way of living that could destroy my life. I in no way supposed that perfectionism was amongst the significant issues that i was not able to break free from my fight with food.

In the world of a perfectionist “sufficiently good” is unfathomable. For a perfectionist there is certainly no such matter as a sufficient romantic relationship, an adequate house, a good enough weight, an adequate grade, an adequate social gathering or a sufficient performance. Every little thing has to be excellent or a perfectionist will have none of it.This is a particularly treacherous lifestyle:

For starters “perfection” doesn’t live. Everybody presents a distinctive “flawless” and what appears perfect for me will not be ideal for you in the least. Next, chasing after flawlessness can rob an individual of peace of mind, connections and so many wonderful things and experiences that does not match your “perfect” container.

So if you’re reaching to acquire a flawless diet program, you might never be happy with anything short of malnourishment. If you happen to be solely content with the perfect physical exercise, you are likely to rather do nothing. If you can’t wear your number two jeans, you might preferably stay home, watch tv, eat and feel awful.

Believe me, I have been there, and it’s really no way to live. I found out on the way, after battling eating disorders and food addiction for a long time, that “persistence” is vital in breaking free from a food battle. At some point I became aware that it wasn’t so important how I did some things, but instead that I got it done and I kept at it that smashed the back of eating disorders.

I needed to make up my mind that my body was “good enough” just the way it was (yes with excess weight) to take care of it well and also have some fun.

I needed to make the decision that eating healthy and dropping weight little by little was “good enough”

I had to make a decision that going to the health and fitness center a handful of times a week and pacing myself was “good enough”

I had to accept the reality that I am going to slip-up, yet that making faults was still “sufficiently good”?

In the end I came to the conclusion that pursuing perfection can keep me from consistency for good. The two don’t ever meet. So if I truly wanted to break free from eating disorders, I had to let go of the notion of perfection, and figure out how to live with “good enough”.

As a Christian its possible you have bought into the lie that flawlessness equates to holiness. This is simply not true..

God requiresHoliness and this can be translated as a pursuit for excellence, which is also in some instances translated as perfection. However,there is a significant difference: The objective of Holiness is always to please God and to become more like Him. This pursuit brings forth Love, Peace, Joy and every other part of the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives. This pursuit will conclude in heaven, and it brings enduring change in us on this earth. Also: Holiness can simply be practiced through the power of the Holy Spirit in us. We’re not able to do it ourselves.

In the Search for Perfection the goal is primarily pleasing ourselves and impressing others. This goal brings forth fixation, neurosis and anxiety in our lives. Furthermore: Perfection is something we strive for in our own strength, which is at best restricted and flawed, so the outcome is doubtful and the objective not possible.

So, you can try and do everything as near to perfect as humanly possible whilst still being be far from Holy.

Within my course for ladies battling with food related issues, I commit a whole week explaining how perfectionism links to food addiction. I additionally talk truthfully about my very own struggle in this area and share ideas to help you break free from striving for something that does not exist.

I encourage women to take a year, clear away perfectionism, replace it with consistency, and find a huge difference it could bring to their lives.

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Eating Disorders and Perfectionism

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This article was published on 2010/11/29